Czech Your Travel Strategies

Posted by Sandra Stranne on

So, when your middle child calls and has been pick-pocketed in Prague, the first mom response is slight panic until we found out that he was safe and unharmed.  And then the second response quickly changed, to “you are kind of a dumb-a…”.

All three of my children have been taught to never go out carrying everything of importance with them, and especially not all contained in the same place.  For example, if you have some cash and two credit cards, only take one of the credit cards and some of the cash with you and leave the other valuables well-hidden back in your room or in the hotel safe.  Same is true for multiple forms of identification, take one with you and leave the other behind. 

Needless to say, that the un-named middle child in Prague was carrying both of his credit cards, all of his cash and all forms of identification with him, at a concert and then a bar afterwards while travelling overseas.  He had been educated on safe travels and is a relatively bright young man, however, some lessons need to be learned the hard way.

And then there is the other travel advice – never take an elevator in Prague.  With great relief, while missing his wallet but still with passport in hand, middle child was headed to the airport in Prague to catch his flight back to Dublin, Ireland.  While leaving the building where he had stayed…the elevator broke.  Stuck between floors, the Prague elevator opened the doors up to a brick wall.  This middle child is slightly claustrophobic, so I can only imagine the amount of sweat that was pouring down his face as he waited for four Prague firemen and two Prague police officers to rescue him from the broken elevator.

Fortunately, our son was still able to make his flight and return to his dorm room in Ireland.  I hear that Prague is a beautiful city, full of incredible church buildings, friendly people and a rich history.  However, I suspect this might be his last trip to Prague!