Let's Go Baking

Posted by Sandra Stranne on

Some of my closest friends are the most wonderful cooks, however, they seem to always be frightened by the idea of baking!?  They ask me what I do that enables me to bake successfully, and furthermore, I am often able to answer baking requests or cravings on short notice.  They wonder, how in the heck do I actually enjoy baking?  Baking can be intimidating.  Unfortunately, we often decide that grabbing something from the bakery section of our neighborhood grocery store will suffice and taste just as good as anything we would make at home. I would challenge everyone that baking is both therapeutic and heartwarming, as the results are truly a homemade gift to those who enjoy your baked goods. 

Make the Day Yours Basic Baking Tips

  1. Keep staple ingredients at the house
  2. When you select recipes, pick things that sound good to you – bake for pleasure, not to impress
  3. Select recipes that do NOT have odd or unusual ingredients
  4. Prepare for baking by getting all of your ingredients and supplies (measuring cups, teaspoons, bowls, etc.) out on the kitchen counter before you start baking
  5. Always use farm fresh or brown eggs

Baking ingredients to always keep on hand

  • Real unsalted butter
  • All-purpose white flour
  • White granulated sugar
  • White powdered sugar
  • Light brown sugar
  • Cooking oil
  • Eggs, farm fresh or brown
  • Chocolate chips, both bittersweet and semi-sweet (brand of your choice, but brand name, not grocery store or un-brand, I am a chocolate snob)
  • Baking chocolate squares, both unsweetened and semi-sweet (again, brand name)
  • Vanilla extract, real – not imitation (I am also a vanilla extract snob)

You can make quite a few things with the ingredients listed above.  Anything else you might need can often be found in your refrigerator or picked up quickly on a trip to the grocery.  If you leave all of the ingredients to be purchased right before baking, the grocery run will then become a long, time-consuming chore and the fun of baking might become a project.  Keep these baking staples in your house and you can fill in the gaps quickly as needed for a particular recipe and get to the fun of baking!