Get to Know "Make the Day Yours"

Hi Friends,

"Make the Day Yours" was my mother’s motto. Any time that I would be sad or fussing about something in life, Mom would remind me to get up the next morning and decide, as I rolled out of bed, that I was going to make the day mine and my task was to make it a great day. She strongly believed that no matter what was going on, we should always wake up the next day with a smile, thankfulness and a positive spirit and go into the new day with the drive to make it our day and make it a great day! My hope is that the fun adventures and recipes that I share on this website will help the readers make each day their day.

Food and adventure have been the hallmark theme of my world. As the host of many a team meal (think 100 Texas high school football players and/or lacrosse players), themed parties (any excuse for a gathering works) and the mother of three children, I have hosted my share of major entertaining events. I love a small intimate dinner party, throwing a southern bridal shower, or a chili cook-off to celebrate yet another Buckeye football bowl game!

Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, I am well versed in the importance of a football party. Then I went on to raise my three children in Texas, just east of Dallas, and learned the art of southern entertaining. I feel extremely fortunate to have been educated in both mid-western and southern hospitality and hope to share this good fortune with all of you!

When I travel, which I do quite often, I make a concerted effort to always eat local. We avoid chain restaurants and instead try to investigate the local cuisine. Travel has become synonymous with food adventures. We have been known to travel hours out of our way to try the famous pie or the famous dish of a state that we are traveling through.

More recently, I have sent my two boys off to college -- one to Kansas City and the other to New Orleans. These cities are both food destinations in and of themselves, opening us up to yet more culinary adventures, combined with great adventure destinations in every way!

I am way over-educated, as I absolutely love to be in a classroom setting. I have had the privilege to attend Northwestern University as an undergraduate student, and then returned to my home town of Columbus, Ohio for graduate school at The Ohio State University, not once, but twice! Apparently, the Big Ten conference is where I am most at home.

I hope that you enjoy the travel and food adventures that will be shared on this blog. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that it will inspire each and every one of you to MAKE THE DAY YOURS!