Venue Visit

Remote Reservation Results?!

With the wonderful internet, we can take care of most anything from the comfort of our own home, including planning a last-minute college graduation party to take place in another state.  I have always considered myself to be a party planning pro, until the unforgettable venue selection for my oldest son’s college graduation party, to be thrown in Kansas City.  We had neglected to plan ahead and with just a few weeks to go, myself and a few other parents realized our tardiness and we quickly threw together a party.

 Now the true essence of a successful party is just great people, which was already a given. Second, is the essential party component of great food, which, since we were flying into Kansas City for the event, I had catered by one of the premier barbeque houses in Kansas City, Arthur Bryant’s.  The food was outstanding and I highly recommend a visit to Arthur Bryant’s restaurant on anyone’s stop through Kansas City.  Their food, staff and kindness are five-star!

Our party was a great time for all, however, the venue proved to be a little bit more “entertaining” than anticipated……

I located a winery for the venue, which sounded sophisticated and fun for all.  I was pleasantly surprised that the venue was still available on such short notice and in such close proximity to the graduation ceremony. My son mentioned to me that he thought the venue was haunted, and I reminded him that he was graduating from college and sounded like a silly elementary school child! 

After a proud graduation ceremony at William Jewell College, we pulled up to my online reserved party destination.  Much to my surprise, and everyone else’s great entertainment, the winery was repurposed from an old, abandoned mental hospital, appropriately named Odd Fellows Home. Featured on the Ghost Hunters television show and highlighted on various other ghost hunting websites, the venue radiated a somewhat odd vibe.  We had a fabulous celebration and it was a wonderful gathering, but lesson learned to all of my readers out there, ALWAYS GO IN PERSON TO LOOK AT A PARTY VENUE BEFORE BOOKING!